We appreciate your interest in The Funk Bus and will contact you within 36 hours of your inquiry or reservation request.  

We conduct all inquiries and bookings through electronic correspondence. 

‚ÄčIf it is a last minute request, we will respond sooner - you can also call and leave a voicemail at 508-487-0111 and we will receive a digital transcription of your voicemail.

COVID-19 UPDATE (6/8/20)

The Funk Bus does will be open this summer, and we have plans in place to keep your group and our drivers safe.  We are suspending our point to point rate option, and all buses will only be available for charters by the hour, meaning the bus will be exclusively used by your group during the rental period.  The buses will be thoroughly sanitized between each trip, and during the course of the charter as appropriate.  Customers should expect that current COVID related norms will be expected including the wearing of face coverings, maintaining social distance to the maximum extent possible, and generally being a good human being.  For everyone's safety, we are not able to allow drinking or eating to occur on the buses this summer, and we apologize for that inconvenience.